Nicholas Gulevich


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Western Front: Western Front (France), Nord Region (France), Merris

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21 March 1918

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Black & white


Group portrait of the 8th Medium Trench Mortar Battery. Left to right, back row: 1634 Gunner (Gnr) S. H. Valentine; 1685A Gnr H. S. Brenton; 4345 Gnr F. J. Barr; 14704 Gnr G. F. Eagles; 1987 Gnr C. Carwardine; 4608 Gnr T. Wade; 2024 Gnr J. Gallagher; 2709 Gnr F. N. Boon; 2013 Gnr W. S. Flanagan; 1991 Gnr D. S. Allison; 2237 Gnr A. R. Murphy; 3919 Gnr H. W. Starling; 2832 Gnr G. S. Guthridge. Third row: 3663 Gnr E. Bone; 2064 Gnr D. W. Meurant; 4576 Gnr G. R. Pearce; 1446 Bombardier (Bdr) W. G. Witham MM; 30903 Bdr R. P. W. Amson; 3061 Bdr D. R. Wiltshire MM; 1994 Bdr N. Gulevich; 12311 Bdr A. Olsen; 556 Bdr V. C. Fletcher MM; 1685 Bdr C. R. R. Hugg (23); 2268 Gnr R. W. Crossingham; 29755 Gnr P. F Muller; 1915 Gnr B. Lambert; 3056 Gnr W. C. Minahane; 1362 Gnr E. C. Reimer. Second row: 18740 Gnr K. R. Spanswick; 2066 Corporal (Cpl) H. J. Schultz MM; 1998 Cpl J. W. Mackay; 3910 Sergeant (Sgt) G. N. Sutton; Second Lieutenant (2nd Lt) A. E. F. Smith; Lt P. R. Barron; Lt W. H. Felstead, Officer Commanding the Battery; Lt F. A. Gaunt; 2nd Lt F. Hutchison; 1303 Sgt H. H. Stafford; 1793 Cpl H. E. Leeming; 1567 Cpl E. J. Brooks MM; 1008 Bdr K. C. Clark-Kennedy; 1642 Gnr C. J. Parker. Front row: 30938 Gnr J. S. Macrae; 1446A Gnr W. T. Dunstone; 4316 Gnr N. S. White; 2104 Gnr E. L. Shepherd; 1631 Gnr O. Norman; 29766 Gnr H. B. Patton; 1600 Gnr T. Harding; 3782 Gnr C. J. Hughes; 4829 Gnr S. J. Maloney; 1563A Gnr E. J. Exell; 2260 Gnr P. P. McCudden; 1649 Gnr T. E. Walker.


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First World War, 1914-1918


Nicholas Gulevich


Russian spelling


Born 1.12.1886     Place Odessa, Ukraine  Ethnic origin  Russian/Pole    Religion Roman Catholic & Greek Catholic

Arrived at Australia

from Russia  on 1.05.1910     per Yawata Maru    disembarked at Brisbane

Residence before enlistment Brisbane, Cairns and district, Figtree Creek near Cairns

Occupation 1910 clerk; 1914 sugarcane farmer, 1915 fitter, surveyor


service number 1994   enlisted 6.02.1915 POE Cairns, Qld

unit 25th Battalion, 2nd Light Horse Regiment, 4th DAC, 4th Division Signals Company

rank EDP/Corporal, Gunner, EDP Sergeant, A/Bombardier, Bombardier, 2/Corporal

place Western Front, 1917-1918

final fate RTA 6.11.1918       discharged 27.02.1919

Naturalisation 1914

Residence after the war 1920 Brisbane

Materials naturalisation (NAA)

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Group portrait of the 8th Medium Trench Mortar Battery. E01974 (AWM) (Electronic image currently unavailable)

From Russian Anzacs in Australian History:

But suspicions often had tragic outcomes. Nicholas Gulevich, an educated man and a good gunner, was invalided back to Australia in 1918 after suddenly developing traumatic neurasthenia. His medical history has only a brief reference to its possible causes, stating that he was well until April 1918 mistaken for spy very nervy.